Five Things You Need To Buy In Kathmandu, That You Wouldn’t Think Of!

The silver craftsmanship in Nepal is really something else, and luckily for you, we know a pretty good one! The shop is called “Millenium Craft”, right on top of “Cobra Bar” in Thamel. Don’t be fooled just because it’s on top of a dance bar, these guys export their silver world over. The silver isn’t branded yet so you get a true bargain, with intricately made bracelets, hairpieces, you name it! Plus, it’s such a great souvenir because of its longevity and aesthetic appeal, perfect as a thoughtful birthday present, maybe even personalizations are possible.

Prescription glasses, we have an array of “designer” glasses and you can prescriptions at a fraction of the price you would at home. We’re not sure about sunglasses, but we know a fair few people who regularly come to Kathmandu, and always get their glasses made here! Piercings, from “Mohan’s Tattoo Inn”, a friend I went with said an ear piercing would have cost her $50 in the USA, but she got it for $5 and loves it! Coffee beans from KarMa coffee, this coffee shop in Jawalakhel has some great beans you can gift your loved ones, but what’s also lovely here is all the handmade mugs and plates that are incredibly chic and almost rustic . Leather goods, at Ahmed Dulla, premium quality leather goods for, you guessed it, a bargain of a price.

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